2020 CKD Yesuljisang : Kim Sunyoung, Yoo Seungho, Choe Sooryeon

April 22, 2020

Yoon Daham (Art Chosun)

Three artists have been selected for the 2020 CKD Yesuljisang: Kim Sunyoung and Yoo Seungho, Choe Sooryeon. Selected artists are provided with a creative subsidy of 10 million won each for 3 years, a total of 30 million won, and an exhibition opportunity in the third year of support.

Kim Sunyoung, un-cast, 2019, Ink and color on paper, 145.5 x 224cm

Kim Sunyoung’s ink and coloring are clear and transparent. She is a writer who can show the taste of drawing in a fun way through ink painting. Her screens are like daunting masses in which the inside of the self and the history of the community are condensed, and the masses seem to be unraveled like threads on the screen. The artist explains that her work leads to endless questions about her identity and relationship with the world. In his work, which resembles a dark and gloomy landscape, we can read the artist’s concerns about dissolving the boundary between East and West and striving toward the essence of painting.

Yoo Seungho, 'Miss Lamella,' 2019, Ink and acrylic on canvas, 96 x 72 in (245 x 183.6 cm). Courtesy of the artist.

Yoo Seungho’s work looks like an image of a rap made up of letters on the screen. The characters that wobble around are reminiscent of onomatopoeia or mimetic words. It is an attempt to characterize and image feelings and experiences that cannot be contained in everyday grammar and expression. The artist has dismantled the division of traditional painting genres through the form of drawing landscapes with letters, expressing the relationship between ‘writing and drawing’. You can appreciate the new form expressed at the intersection of painting and literature, visual image and text.

Choe Sooryeon, King Evil, you won, 2019, Oil on linen, 230 x 160cm

Choe Sooryeon’s paintings feature familiar images, such as the protagonists of fairy tales or fairy tales, but at the same time, feel somewhat unfamiliar. He has been immersed in the work of bringing out what is mistaken for being already melted in our emotions and unfolding it anew. It brings out a certain point that meets our lives now on the screen pretending to be an oriental classic, and shows that it is continuously repeated despite the passage of time. The hazy screen captures the artist’s unique atmosphere, encompassing the classics and modern times.

The first screening for this art award was conducted by Chul-ha Ryu, director of Daejeon Eungro Museum of Art, art critic Ahn Soyeon, and editor-in-chief Hwang Seok-kwon of Monthly Art, and secondly by artist Sunmyeong Hong, Jae-gap Yoon, director of How Art Museum in China, and Art Space Hue CEO Kim Noam. The CKD Yesuljisang is a joint project of Chong Kun Dang, Korea Mecenat Association, and Alternative Space Art Space HUE, marking its 9th anniversary this year.