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Lee Yunsung (b.1985)

Lee Yunsung (b.1985) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Lee Yunsung graduated from the Department of Western Painting at Chung-Ang University(2011). He currently lives and works in Seoul. In 2014, he held his first solo exhibition《NU-TYPE》 at Makeup Art Space. In the exhibition, he creates his own unique painting style through, ‘NU-TYPE’ by combining classic western painting …

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Kim Chunsoo (b.1981)

Kim Chunsoo (b.1981) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Kim Chunsoo received BFA from Chung-Ang University (2007) in Photography and achieved MFA at Glasgow School of Art (2012). He currently lives and works in Seoul. Kim Chunsoo is interested in small errors that occur between things that normally operate, and reproduce them by using a camera. In …

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Kim Taedong (b.1978)

Kim Taedong (b.1978) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Kim Taedong graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Photography (2007) and obtained a Master’s Degree in Photography from the same graduate school (2013). Kim Taedong uses his own formative language as light, lighting, time, and frame, which are the aesthetic evaluation criteria in documentary photography and straight photograph …

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Gwon Osang (b.1974)

Gwon Osang (b.1974) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Gwon Osang graduated from Hongik University’s Department of Sculpture in 2000 and obtained a  master’s degree from the Department of Sculpture at the same graduate school in 2004. From 2005 to 2022, he has been working as an exclusive artist at Arario Gallery, one of the major galleries …

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Hong Sungchul (b.1969)

Hong Sungchul (b.1969) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Hong Sungchul graduated from Hongik University’s Department of Sculpture (1994) and obtained a master’s degree in Fine Art / Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts (2001). He projected the images to the non-traditional sculptural material ‘String’ with a certain order and rules, and his work …

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