Kim Jipyeong (b.1976)

Kim Jipyeong (b.1976) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Kim Jipyeong graduated from the Department of Oriental Painting at Ewha Women’s University (1999) and received a master’s degree from the Department of Art Education at its graduate school. She currently works in Seoul. Since her first solo exhibition in 2001, she has been presenting works about Chaekgado, …

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Chung Suejin (b.1969)

Chung Suejin (b.1969) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Chung Suejin graduated from the Department of Painting at Hongik University (1992) and obtained a master’s degree from the School of Art Institute of Chicago (1995). She is currently working under an exclusive contract with the LEE EUGEAN Gallery. Chung Suejin’s work looks like a figurative painting composed …

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Lee Yunsung (b.1985)

Lee Yunsung (b.1985) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Lee Yunsung graduated from the Department of Western Painting at Chung-Ang University(2011). He currently lives and works in Seoul. In 2014, he held his first solo exhibition《NU-TYPE》 at Makeup Art Space. In the exhibition, he creates his own unique painting style through, ‘NU-TYPE’ by combining classic western painting …

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Jung Jihyun (b.1983)

Jung Jihyun (b.1983) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Jung Jihyun graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Photography (2010) and obtained a master’s degree (2016). He later completed his Ph.D. program in the Department of Arts at the same graduate school (2019). Jung Jihyun works to share and record memories about the city’s architecture through his photos. …

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Jeong Kyungja (b.1974)

Jeong Kyungja (b.1974) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Jeong Kyungja graduated from the Department of Photography at Chung-Ang University (1999) and completed a master’s course at its graduate school (2007). She completed another master’s course in Contemporary Art at Edinburgh College of Art, The University of Edinburgh (2011). In 2008, she held his first solo exhibition …

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Lim Sunhee (b.1975)

Lim Sunhee (b.1975) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Lim Sunhee earned a bachelor’s (1999) in Western painting, a master’s degree (2002) in Western painting and printmaking at Ewha Woman University and a doctor’s degree (2014) in Western painting at the same university. She currently lives and works in Seoul. The artist has been working with media …

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