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Kim Jipyeong (b.1976)

Kim Jipyeong (b.1976) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Kim Jipyeong graduated from the Department of Oriental Painting at Ewha Women’s University (1999) and received a master’s degree from the Department of Art Education at its graduate school. She currently works in Seoul. Since her first solo exhibition in 2001, she has been presenting works about Chaekgado, …

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Yoo Seungho (b.1974)

Yoo Seungho (b.1974) Seoul, Korea Instagram Facebook-f Yoo Seungho graduated from the Department of Painting at Hansung University (1999). He currently lives and works in Seoul. The linguistic meaning and the image created from the countless ‘letter-signs’ appearing in Yoo Seungho’s work reveals the non-essential mutual between text and image through continuous separation and combination. …

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