Jung Jihyun Participated in THE 22ND SONGEUN ART AWARD EXHIBITION.

2022. 12. 21 - 2023. 2. 18

SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation


SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation is pleased to present our final and most quintessential exhibition that is the embodiment of our mission and vision: The 22nd SONGEUN Art Award Exhibition.

For the 22nd SONGEUN Art Award, the Grand Prize winner will be selected among the 20 short listed artists who have been chosen through an open call that took place last February, amongst the greater pool of over 500 applicants.

The exhibition presents each artist’s new works reflecting various aspects of contemporary Korean art, which includes painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and sound. We hope you will come join us with this celebration of the artists.

Exhibition View '#cut slopes'

We hope you will come join us in celebrating Sungseok Ahn, Che Go Eun, Heemin Chung, Anna Han, Wonhae Hwang, Jongwan Jang, Bokyung Jun, Hye-Joo Jun, Hye-Rim Jun, Jihyun Jung, Youngle Keem, Hyun-Seok Kim, Jaewook Koh, Heejoon Lee, Jade Sujin Lee, Rahm Parc, Grim Park, Yunju Park, Eunjoo Rho, and Hye-Kyung Son.

정지현(Jihyun Jung), '컷슬로프 #6034', '컷슬로프 #6020', '컷슬로프 #6136,' 2022, 피그먼트 프린트에 실크스크린_90x70cm(왼쪽에서부터).
ⓒSONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation and the Artists. All rights reserved.

In this exhibition, Jung presents new artworks that focus on “cut slopes”, which are the exposed horizontal surface of the stratum and the vertical side of the sedimentary layer cut away during the excavation process. The artist experiments with silk-screening techniques for the first time, applying a silk screen over photographic paper to express the temporality of the sedimentary layer and the materiality that cannot be recorded by digital photography.