< Nu Collection >

2021. 6. 2 – 7. 3


Exhibition view 'Nu Collection'

UARTSPACE is pleased to announce Lee Yunsung’s solo exhibition < Nu Collection > from June 2 to July 3, 2021.  The exhibition feature 27 works of various materials and formats, including a portrait of the Zodiac derived from the 2019 solo exhibition < Inside of Light >, paintings depicting the medusa of Greek and Roman mythology, digital 3D work and Sculpture, and NFT (non-alternative token) based on digital art.

Lee Yunsung, 'Zodiac,' 2019, Oil on Canvas, 130 x 130 in (330 x 330 cm).

The artist, who majored in painting, combined myths and narratives frequently seen in Western art history with subcultures that he enjoys and completed his artworks with the hybrid. The combination of conflicting materials through the development of the Internet has expanded the scope of art from an open perspective to digital images, pure painting, three-dimensional in the plane, and digital canvas NFT art presented in the exhibition.

Exhibition view 'Nu Collection'

Previous solo exhibitions < Nu Type >and < Nu Frame >explored new types and forms, and this < Nu Collection > is a collection of works in various forms that the artist unfolds. Due to Covid-19, the possession and appreciation of artworks online are also changing, showing different attempts by the art world through digital media. Beyond a simple online experience, it also presents another visual effect of contemporary art. Lee Yunsung’s creative and unbiased work activities penetrate this era and show both online and offline charm through this exhibition. Furthermore, it will make you feel the future-oriented art world.