The Photogrphic Arts Center, Seoul Museum of Art Pre-opening Program

October 11, 2022

Seoul Museum of Art

Introducing an interview with Kim Chunsoo, who participated in the 2022 Seoul Museum of Photography pre-program《The Printed World》. In《The Printed World》, you can meet Kim Chun-soo’s ‘Low-Cut’ (2018-2020) and ‘Low-Pass’ (2018/2022) series.

The Seoul Museum of Photography is a branch of the Seoul Museum of Art and the first public art museum specializing in photography in Korea, which is under construction with the goal of opening in 2024. Settlement World presents the main collections (1950-1980s) and contemporary works (2010-2020s) collected by the Seoul Museum of Photography from 2018 to the present, and explores the effects of changes in technology and media environment from analog to digital. Pay attention to the diversity and heterogeneity of photographic media, and explore the meaning and role of photography recontextualized in ‘Korean Photography History’ and ‘Art Museum’.

2022 Seoul Museum of Photography Pre-Program
《The Printed World》

2022. 9. 6. (Tue) – 10. 21. (Fri)
1st and 2nd floors of Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

Participating Artists: Kim Dong-hee, Kim Park Hyun-jeong, Kim Ok-sun, Kim Ik-hyeon, Kim Chunsoo, Kim Hyo-yeon, Park Hee-ja, Seong Doo-kyung, Oh Yeon-jin, Lee Jae-wook, Lee Hyeong-rok, Lim In-sik, Im Hyang-ja, Jeon Myung-eun, Jung Young-ja, Jeong Jeong-ho, Jeong Hee-seop, Cho Hyun-doo, Joo Yong-seong, Hong Soon-tae, Hong Jin-hwon, Hwang Gyu-tae

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