120 Million Won ‘BTS Painting’

July 12, 2019

A Team

A 120 million won ‘BTS picture’ appeared. This is a new oil painting by Hong Kyoungtack, who is a representative artist of domestic contemporary art and who has emerged as an ‘Asian pop art icon’, and the painting title is ‘BTS’.

An official in the domestic art world said on July 12, “Hong Kyoungtack, one of the top artists in Korea and Asia, has released a new work with BTS as a motif. The price is around 120 million won,” he said.

Hong Kyoungtack, BTS, 2019, Acrylic, Oil on linen, 200 x 200 cm

According to an official, Hong’s new work ‘BTS’ was completed in early 2019 and was exhibited in Hong Kong not long ago. Currently, the painting has been moved to Korea and exhibited quietly at Seoul Auction, Korea’s leading art auction house.

As a result of the confirmation, Seoul Auction announced that it has been open to the public from July 10 on the 5th floor of the Gangnam Center of Seoul Auction. Seoul Auction explained in detail, “We invited Hong Kyoungtack’s latest work, ‘BTS’, to the exhibition ‘Now K’Art,’ which runs until August 18.”

Hong Kyoungtack, Fuck and Roll, 2008-2009, Acrylic, Oil on linen, 181 x 227 cm

In a related development, another official said, “I understand that there were many requests from overseas collectors from Hong, who frequently exhibits overseas, to ‘Why don’t you use it as a material when there are many famous stars in Korea.”

Hong Kyoungtack’s domestic and foreign status has been proven at a huge successful bid at Christie’s auction in Hong Kong, which is considered one of Asia’s leading art markets. At an auction held in Hong Kong in May 2013, his painting Untitled was sold for about US$853,985 for about 1 billion won, drawing much attention.

Hong Kyoungtack, Pen 1, 1995-1998, Oil on canvas, 259 x 581 cm

In addition to the enormous value of 120 million won, the painting ‘BTS’ is expected to create a considerable repercussion in the domestic pop culture world in that it is a meeting between a top pop artist and an artist. This painting, which is on display on the 5th floor of Seoul Auction Gangnam Center, can be viewed for free.