Kim Jipyeong (b.1976)

Seoul, Korea

Chandelier with a Hundred Butterflies, 2013

Acrylic, Pen on canvas

51 x 76 in

USD 16,000

Shipment from Seoul, Korea

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About the Work

About the Work


Kim Jipyeong also participated in the planning of the National Folk Museum of Korea, the design of ceramic products for Korean ceramics, and the production of movie posters. This participation in product design also makes us rethink the relationship between the artist and the ‘secular painting energy’ mentioned above. An ‘illustration’ that shows the value of these folk crafts well is Chandelier with a Hundred Butterflies. Among the hands weaving a large chandelier with needles and threads, the artist’s hand is also visible. These hands are certainly closer to the hands of a private artisan weaving or embroidering fabric than the hands of a ‘modern artist’ mixed with artistic self-consciousness.


Artist Collection, 2022