Lim Sunhee (b.1975)

Seoul, Korea

Layered Pink Cake and
Blue Guitar I, 2019

Oil on canvas

89 x 64 in

USD 20,000

Shipment from Seoul, Korea

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About the Work

About the Work


This work is in which pink and blue are the main colors, and then layers are stacked with a gradual change of pink (light pink-pink-slight pink-dark pink-red-blue).

By expressing the formative elements composing the screen through layers without concentrating on the form, we tried to create a painting with an open structure and painting as an organic relationship.

Since the pink layer covering the entire background of the work contains the objects expressed in pink on canvas, each object is relatively flat, and only the brush strokes of different thicknesses and the density of colors are the only objects on the canvas.

As a result, each image has a divided shape, but since they are expressed only with color layers, they have an organic relationship without constraining each other’s shape.


Artist Collection, 2022


A gallery, 2022