Park Meena (b.1973)

Seoul, Korea

111122223333444556677888 999000AABBFGgJoVvWwx, 2012

Acrylic on canvas

78.7 x 177 in

USD 93,000

Shipment from Seoul, Korea

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About the Work

About the Work


It is a work made by pasting three canvases. It was produced using the pictograms used in previous works. Based on pan balances in the center, it is composed of symbols frequently encountered in daily life such as men, women, umbrellas, elevators, arrows, flowers, and carts. Outwardly, the work is simple and graphic elements stand out. It looks like the result of an abstract painting or design work that uses art and language as formative elements, but it is a visual medium that distinguishes the structure of society and culture through visual media. present a point of view.


Artist Collection, 2022


A gallery, 2022