Park Chanmin (b.1970)

Seoul, Korea

CTS 05_HKG, 2016

Digital Pigment Print

39.3 x 51.1 in

Edition 3/5

USD 7,000

Shipment from Seoul, Korea

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About the Work

About the Work


The artist took pictures of cities in East Asia such as Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hong Kong. The vertically stretched buildings are showing their presence in their positions. The sections are divided as if measured with a ruler and the buildings rising from left to right are the composition the artist intended, and the pastel-toned buildings stand out. The masses and silhouettes of skyscrapers in East Asian cities revealed in the photos are strikingly similar. This also means that the real difference between East Asian cities lies in the small details, not in the grand and showy landmarks or icons.


Artist Collection, 2022


A gallery, 2022